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December 31 2011

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Spokane Area Classic Chevy Club History

The Spokane Area Classic Chevy Club founded in 1978



Our Club began when an advertisement was placed in the classified section of the Spokesman-Review in the summer of 1978. Doug Fraser, a classic Chevy enthusiast, placed this ad....

Anyone interested in '55, '56, '57 Chevys who would like to form a club, meet at the Spokane Community College Clocktower at 2:00 PM Sunday.

Sixty (60) people gathered at the Clocktower that day, many past members of the Nomad Club.

Future meetings were held at the Millwood City Hall.

The club's spirit and teamwork were evident by the outstanding display at one of the earlier Auto Boat and Speed Shows. A life-like, hand-built replica of a Mobil Service Station, complete with tires and gas pumps, was erected behind their cars.

Their annual event was the Spring Fling, a 3-day affair held at Cavanaugh's River Edge on Memorial Day weekend.

Members cruised around the Pacific Northwest in bright yellow jackets, decorated with patches on the back.